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About Mettle and it parts

Creating Mettle, we first of all thought about how to make working with the text as simple, convenient and enjoyable as possible. Now we are pleased to present you a product which - with an extreme ease - has a powerful functionality that can take your work to a new level.

Mettle is a universal tool for creating, organizing and storing notes, as well as setting goals and targets. With Mettle you will have your own personal workspace, where everything is always at hand - your own texts, notes, lists as well as external imported notes. In addition, Mettle allows you to track progress and stay organized.

Parts of Mettle

Notes Lists

All your notes are located here. You can pin a note to the top of this list for quick access. The notes lists are grouped by tags or types (to-dos, goals, attachments) and you can also sort, add or delete lists.


  • To go to the next list, just swipe to the right or to the left or select from the general list by clicking the button on the tab bar.
  • Drag and drop the note on the top panel for pin, export or move to trash.


Here you write your great texts.


You can fill out your profile in the settings. You can also choose the type of sorting lists or configure the application appearance.

Text styles

Mettle has text styles like: *bold*, /italic/, _underline_,  strike , headings 1-6, and others. You can find shortcuts for them in the button row above the keyboard.

Ordered and unordered lists

Add different lists and to-dos. Sort them by holding the symbol of the list. You can see the progress in Notes lists. Rearrange lists as you wish.

Set goals

Are you working on your text, but do not have enough motivation to accomplish your goals? You can set writing goals for the number of words or characters. Now your progress is always before your very eyes. You can set it on the information screen. To go there press ••• in the navigation bar.

Links to other notes

You can refer to another note by taking its title in quotation marks. You can also use the quick access to the notes list in the button row.

Recording and attachments

Just got the idea but cannot write it down? Capture it with the in-app voice recorder.

For quick access use the button row. You can also add any file to your note, saving it inside the app. Any attachment can be accompanied by a description. Check how great your attachments look in the section Notes lists.

Basic navigation

To switch back to the list of notes, use the navigation bar, or simply swipe to the right.

Does Mettle have a URL handler?

Mettle implements the x-callback-url protocol, allowing other apps to trigger certain actions in Mettle such as opening an existing note or creating new notes or tags.

Mettle URL Scheme actions look like this:

mettle://x-callback-url/[action]?[action parameters]&[x-callback parameters]

with x-success and x-error as available x-callback parameters.

Available Actions


Create a new note.


  • title optional note title.
  • text optional note body.
  • tags optional a comma separated list of tags.
  • pin optional if yes pin the note to the top of the list.




Open a note identified by its title or id.


  • id optional note unique identifier.
  • title optional note title.




Move a note to a trash.


  • id required note unique identifier.




Show all notes which have a selected tag in Mettle.


  • name required tag name.



Show search results in Mettle for all notes.


  • term required string to search.



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